Operations is a costly business. Automation enables you to reduce costs while increasing effectiveness and focus your valuable staff on higher value tasks.

By using unattended automation to reduce the number of times people need to touch systems, you can increase the service to your customer and users while systematically reducing costs. This allows operators to focus on higher-value work and it also leads to an improvement in the operator-to-server ratio.

We therefore offer you Automated Managed Operations as a Managed Service that:

  • Covers all your infrastructure and application domains
  • Gives you access to operations experts on a continuous basis
  • Integrates with your teams
  • Constantly adapts to your changing environment
  • Continuously follows-up your environment
  • Integrates with your processes
  • Is integrated with our Service Desk

OpsNow for DevOps

Operations in a DevOps environment focusses on the management of the digital transformation environment, which, in most cases is an application container environment with software deployments that come in rapid succession through a CI/CD pipeline.

Optimization of operations requires automation to a degree that is satisfactory for quick and controlled deployments of applications or application elements. The steps to take in automation are:

  • Automate your application containers management
  • Automate your software delivery
  • Automate your application deployments
  • Automate your monitoring
  • Automate your actions based on monitoring

OpsNow for ICT

OpsNow for ICT focusses on automation and improvements of your day-to-day operations. The goal is to remove part of the pressure of the operations department by automating tasks that today are largely done manually. MonitorNow provides operations automation for:

  • server deployments
  • OS updates and upgrades, including patches and security updates
  • daily procedures
  • your actions based on monitoring alerts

We deliver automations based on our experience and best practices in operations.