Today, most customers use monitoring tools to continually keep their infrastructures at the expected service delivery level.

However, it requires specialized skills, tools and effort to setup and maintain the monitoring of complex environments. This can become very time consuming and costly. The rise of cloud environments only adds to this complexity and pressing challenge.

We therefore offer you Intelligent Monitoring as a Managed Service that:

  • Covers all your technical domains
  • Gives you acess to monitoring experts on a continuous basis
  • Constantly adapts to your changing environment
  • Continuously follows-up your monitoring environment
  • Provides you with parameter sets tuned to the technologies you use
  • Follows-up your event management process
  • Integrates with various other tools like your Service Desk and CMDB tools

MonitorNow for APM

Application observability, refers to the telemetry produced by services and is divided into three major verticals:

  • Tracing (or deep dive), provides insight into the full lifecycles, aka traces, of requests to the system, allowing you to pinpoint failures and performance issues.
  • Metrics provide quantitative information about processes running inside the system, including counters, gauges, and histograms.
  • Logging provides insight into application-specific messages emitted by processes.

For an application to be observable, the three verticals must be implemented together. Logging alone will not be enough as are the metrics. Observability can be enhanced by end-user measurements.

MonitorNow uses the three verticals in application performance monitoring.

MonitorNow for ICT

MonitorNow for ICT is a modular and highly scalable infrastructure monitoring tool based on monitoring packs designed for specific IT infrastructure technologies. All monitoring packs provide comprehensive monitoring for the technology they are designed to monitor. MonitorNow provides best practices monitoring:

  • Without the need for customizations by the user
  • Adapted to the needs of today's Datacenters and Clouds
  • Delivered As a Service

We deliver monitoring content based on our experience and best practices in monitoring, without the burden of configuration and customizations.

Our Monitoring Packs support most of the common ICT technologies, including network, security, systems, SAN, virtualization and applications. And when a Monitoring Pack for a technology is not available, we build it for you.

We have an extensive catalog of pre-defined Monitoring Packs that can further be tuned to your environment.