Server OS updates and Upgrades

How many times did you have to wait for an update to finish and when was the last time?


OS Updates and upgrades are tedious, time consuming and boring jobs, and updates and upgrades are a never-ending story. If you have finished one, another will be waiting.

But can you afford to wait, to postpone them, or to have a backlog?

What are updates and upgrades?

Software updates:

  • Will protect you against security risks;

Having outdated software without updates increases the risk of a security breach. New-found weaknesses and malware mean that without software updates, your product could be more vulnerable to security threats. Updates are a way to implement fixes and safeguarding to help reduce these risks.

  • Fix bugs and improve functionality;

The software’s you are using will have gone through rigorous testing before you use it. But unfortunately, some bugs, glitches and other problems can still make it through the net. Software updates fix these issues and keep your program running smoothly.

Software upgrades:

  • Will offer you new features and enhanced functionality;

A software upgrade is better than its previous version. It will have more features, incorporate new technology and advancements, run smoother and faster or can come with improved ease of use.

  • Will keep you on track;

After a while, software companies will stop supporting older software versions. This means that old or legacy software will eventually stop being compatible with the hardware and operating systems you’re using. It also means that older software will be less secure against hackers and malware than the upgrade.

Why should you do updates and upgrades?

  • OS Software updates do a lot of things;

Software updates offer plenty of benefits. It is all about software revisions that might include repairing security holes and fixing or removing computer bugs. Updates can add new features to your OS and remove outdated ones.

  • Updates help patch security flaws;

Hackers love security flaws, also known as software vulnerabilities. A software vulnerability is a security hole or weakness found in a software program or operating system. Hackers can take advantage of the weakness by writing code to target the vulnerability.

Software updates include software patches. They cover the security holes to keep hackers out.

  • Your OS and software deserve the latest and greatest;

Updates not only patch security holes, they also add new features and improve existing ones. You don’t want to fall behind the times, right?

What happens if you do not update?

Several things can happen if you do not update, below are the most common symptoms you would encounter if you do not update.

  • Fix errors - Most updates fix errors, and if you don't update, you'll get those errors;
  • Security vulnerabilities - Updates also patch security holes, if you don't update, information may be compromised;
  • Fix conflicts - It is not uncommon to discover conflicts with other programs and hardware. If you don't update, conflicts may happen and cause problems with other programs.

How do you make sure that your systems are up to date?

There are two ways to make sure that your OS’s are up to date:

  • The hard and tedious way; the manual update process, where you make sure that all systems are correctly patched and receive their updates on a regular basis. This requires precious manpower to keep track and install all the update and upgrades;
  • The automated way; where you automate the update process for your organization. This requires skills and knowledge of the tools to do so and the methodology to implement that update process.

And … there is the third way; leave it to us.

How can we help you?

We have developed an update and upgrade service, where we make sure that all you OS’s are patched and upgraded on a regular basis. We provide a service for your OS’s on site and in the cloud. We provide the service for all servers running on Windows and Linux.

Our Approach:

  • We assess your environment together with you;
  • We define an automation and/or service path;
  • We implement the automation/service together with you.

Our focus is to have the least possible human interaction in the update/upgrade process. We do this using the correct tools to verify for updates/upgrades and then automate the update process.

Upgrade- and update automation may not be too difficult, however, the control of the correct execution and functioning of the applications is important and too often forgotten, resulting in problems that could be avoided.

A combination of automated updates and monitoring can solve this challenge.

Stop wasting time and precious resources and let us automate and execute your operations!

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