​​​​​​ Who are we

Service Integrators has transited from a consulting company to a service company over the years. Our core competence has always been around monitoring and the added value that monitoring can bring you to your day-to-day ICT operations.

Our vision

We are a forward thinking company that focuses on the operational excellence of our customers. We do this through continuous improvement of both our skills and our technology offering for our customers.

  • We Think Specialist and act upon our core competences
  • We use Open Source technology and are vendor independent
  • We are a Service Company
  • We provide Operations Excellence for
    • Our Customers
    • Ourselves
  • We use the right tool for the right problem

Our values

Our values are centered around our skills and team. We focus on customer centric service delivery

  • Customer focus; we are committed to deliver a top service that fits our customer needs
  • Quality; we deliver an quality service and continuous improvements are part of our DNA
  • Knowledge; we put our knowledge and expertise to the profit of our customers
  • Teamwork; team work is the key to our customers success
  • Personal Accountability; We take the personal responsibility for delivering on our commitments.

As a technical company with a highly skilled team, we are constantly looking for additional team members.

Why would you work with us

  • We are Customer Oriented
  • We deliver Specialist Services
  • We use state of the art technology, including Artificial Intelligence
  • We are a result driven company
  • Our people are our assets
  • We constantly improve our technology and delivery capabilities

Why would you join us

  • If you are a top specialist or want to become one
  • If you adore Open Source or programming
  • When you love Leuven, or want to work in a city with many opportunities
  • When you want to become part of an excelling team
  • If you are not afraid of a challenge
  • If you want to make a difference

Job Openings

  • System Engineers for Managed Monitoring and Managed Operations with a strong focus on automation
  • Developers in Python, Rust, Node.js and/or AI for our continuous monitoring and operations improvements